Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mold Removal - Cleaning Mold from old Sports Equipment

Mold removal question of the day: Can mold be safely removed from old sports equipment?

Answer: It really just depends on the severity of the mold. I've noticed that there are some new shops specializing in cleaning sports equipment, and that can sometimes include very slight cases of mold. If the mold has become substantial, however, it is usually beyond repair - and it'll be best if you throw the old equipment out.

Remember, it will also depend on what surface the mold has taken hold of. Hard, non-porous surfaces (like on helmets) are far easier to clean, and you can probably clean the mold with a basic bleach solution. Porous or fabric materials - such as old goalie pads or jerseys - will be far more difficult.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Having a Mold Inspection done on your Home

What is a mold inspection?
Just as it seems to denote, a mold inspection is a careful inspection of mold by a professional who knows all the signs to look for of a mold infestation problem. While everyone can see very obvious signs of a mold problem, it often only takes a trained mold remediation specialist to see hidden mold. That's why it's often the best route to take to hire a mold professional.

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