Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What is Boric Acid? Boric Acid to Remove Mold

Boric acid is a popular substance often used to remove and kill mold infestations. But, what is boric acid?

Boric acid is basically the substance that is found in Borax, that popular powdered substance that many of us use to whiten clothes in the laundry. It is generally considered to be non-toxic, and along with hydrogen peroxide is one of the more mild solutions used to kill mold spores. Some solutions combine both hydrogen peroxide and Borax to create a powerful mold killer.

Remember that before using any sort of mold removal mixture or formula, always protect your hands, eyes, nose, mouth and skin from any contact from the mould.

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Blogger NYCmoldRemoval said...

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Blogger NYCmoldRemoval said...

Having your home undergo a professional Los Angeles mold removal project could help to save your life or even your kid's lives, if you have any. It is a known fact that children are more open to illnesses due to direct contact or even close contact with mold.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Black mold, better known to scientists as Stachybotrys chartarum, is a greasy, greenish-black substance that grows in the moist, cool, dark areas of your home. Most often, black mold strikes in places that you never thought of: In the dank corners of your basement, under the kitchen sink, or behind the tiles in the shower.

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Blogger teamdwms said...

We use boric acid for everything, it's great. We dilute it to remove soap scum, clean out driveway, out tile floors, our pool. You have to be careful because it WILL eat through steel, but a small application can really do some justice.
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Blogger Florida General Contractor said...

Boric acid is of low toxicity, it can be dangerous. Some animals appear to bioaccumulate borates, which means that long-term exposure can cause health problems. Boric acid can also be deadly when ingested, and prolonged use of boric acid on the skin or in the eyes can cause irritation. It can also be harmful to household pets, who reach lethal levels of exposure more quickly than humans, thanks to their smaller size.

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Blogger Bre said...

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Blogger Roman Velasquez said...

Boric acid for black mold removal is salt or ester of boric acid and highly effective against bacteria, mold and fungi. They are low in environmental impact, easy to handle and apply. They are however, highly toxic to fungus species and are capable of affecting the enzyme structure of fungi.

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