Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Natural Mold Killer - Grapefruit Seed Extract (Essential Oils)

Tea tree oil is known to be a great mold killer (and healthier for you and the environment than some of the harsh chemicals available!) In fact, this post from this very blog talked all about using tea tree (melaleuca) oil to battle mold problems: Tea Tree Oil for Mold Treatment

But, now we're on to another natural mold killing agent, and that is grapefruit seed extract/oil. This essential oil is extracted from the seeds of grapefruits, and has many amazing properties, including many health benefits. But, for our discussion today, we'll focus in on how to use grapefruit seed extract (often shortened to GSE) to destroy mold.

Mix 5 - 10 drops to a 16 ounce spray bottle and mix well. Spray liberally and scrub well on areas of mold.

Finding GSE in Your Local Area: call around to health food stores, which are the most likely place you'll find grapefruit seed extract. Natural health practioners will also be a good source of information on where to get GSE. Online sources are plentiful - so if you can't find any of this lovely stuff locally, just order some online.

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