Friday, December 07, 2007

Having a Mold Inspection done on your Home

What is a mold inspection?
Just as it seems to denote, a mold inspection is a careful inspection of mold by a professional who knows all the signs to look for of a mold infestation problem. While everyone can see very obvious signs of a mold problem, it often only takes a trained mold remediation specialist to see hidden mold. That's why it's often the best route to take to hire a mold professional.

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There are no regulatory standards for Mold Investigation or Inspection Certifications. I tend to reccomend that clients use someone (if I am too busy or unable to conduct an Inspection for them) who is also a CIH or a licensed Asbestos Inspector.

The American Industrial Hygeine Association (AIHA) has some suggestions, and there are various professional associations that attempt to create some standards.

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