Tuesday, December 26, 2006

How to Make Sure the Mold/Mould Doesn't Come Back

So, you've dealt with a nasty mold problem in your home. But how can you ensure that it doesn't return once it has been successfully removed?

Just remember - moisture equals mold. If you keep your home dry, the likelihood of having another mold problem will be very low. This applies to all areas of the house, such as in the basement where it's much easier for moisture to leak through. Check at your local hardware store for new products that can help to prevent these seepages of moisture, thus preventing mold from returning!

Removing Mold from Wooden Surfaces (and beams) in your home

Sometimes, mold (mould) will not be possible to completely remove simply by scrubbing. Sometimes, wooden surfaces deep inside your home will need to be sanded down until the mold is completely removed.

Remember, it's still the best idea for serious mould problems to contact a professional to deal with the problem. If you do try to tackle the mold yourself, be sure to wear protective eyewear AND to wear masks so that you don't breathe in the dangerous mold spores.