Sunday, November 19, 2006

Non-Toxic Mold Remover - Concrobium Mold Removal

Mold/Mould Abatement

In my quest to find out new and continuous new information on mold removal and mold abatement products, I found a link from the Holmes on Homes website (a popular HGTV series in Canada). In season 5, when dealing with a nasty mould problem, this was the product used. Here's all the contact information to find out more about Concrobium. Hope this helps any of you looking to use these product...

Siamons International
Tel: 866-811-4148Fax: 416-674-9300

Holmes on Homes is known to choose excellent contractors, so this is likely a very good way to deal with your mold problem.

Mold Definitions - What are Mycotoxins?

Here's another mold definition.

Mycotoxin - A toxin produced by a fungus. The term is usually reserved for fungal metabolites that are toxic to man and/or animals and are produced by molds growing on foodstuffs (eg, aflatoxins, ergot alkaloids).

(Definition provided by the Cornell University website.)